How To Create the Perfect Ariel Birthday Party With A Cake and Matching Cupcakes

Ariel mermaid under the sea cake

I had a special little girl request an Ariel cake for her 4th birthday and I was more than willing to oblige. She is obsessed with this beautiful Disney princess.  I absolutely adore making birthday cakes and this one was easy and fun to make.  After discussing details with her mother, we decided to add some cute mermaid tail cupcakes. 

Mermaid cake ingredients and fondant

What You Need:

4  9-inch round cakes baked and cooled (she requested chocolate cake so I used 2 boxes of Duncan Hines Devil’s Food cake mix)

3 cans of Chocolate frosting

1 batch of 24 white cupcakes

2 cans of white whipped frosting

36 oz of homemade or store-bought fondant (approximately)

Icing colors in teal, green, yellow, purple, rose pink

12-inch round cake board

Silver pearl dust

White Pearl Candy

Cake batter with cupcake pan with liners

Getting Started:


Start by baking the cakes.  Level all 4 cakes with a cake leveler.  You don’t want to have your cake leaning!  Assemble your four round cake layers for the main cake, crumb coat it and then apply the final layer of chocolate frosting.  Refrigerate the cake until you are ready to apply the fondant.


Take your 24 ounces of fondant (I used store bought Wilton’s white vanilla fondant) and add the food coloring until you get the color you desire. (I used about 5 drops.)  Using my rolling pin, I rolled the fondant out until it was about 1/4-inch-thick and was large enough to fit over the cake.  Once I applied the fondant, I used the smoothing tool to smooth it out and cut off any excess fondant around the bottom. 


Apply about 4 drops of the teal food coloring to 2 cans of whipped white frosting.  I then used the Wilton 1A icing tip to apply the frosting to each cupcake so they matched the Ariel cake color.


I drew a mermaid tail on parchment paper and then used that as my template.  I cut out 6 pink and 6 purple mermaid tails.  Using the small end of the Wilton #12 tip, I started at the bottom and made scale marks on each tail up to the fin.  This only took me a few seconds to get the hang of and was very easy to do.  Using a toothpick, I drew lines on each fin.  I then used a dry, clean food-safe paintbrush to apply the pearl dust to each mermaid tail.  I allowed these to dry overnight and then inserted them into the cupcakes.  (When I arrived at the birthday party, I found that the tails had flopped over!  I guess I didn’t allow them to dry long enough and now know for next time. Thankfully, they still looked great and everyone loved them!)

Fondant Ariel mermaid tails in pink and purple

I then made a few small batches of fondant in the colors of yellow, green, purple and pink.  I proceeded to make different sea life creatures with the different colors.  Once I was ready, I applied these decorations to the cake. 

Ariel mermaid tail cupcakes

Once I arrived at the birthday party we applied the cute little Ariel crown topper on the cake and everything was a hit with the birthday girl!  

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